Inspired by the forces of nature, Stephen captures what he sees and feels into a painting that talks as the wind talks, shouts as the storms shout and whisper as the light struggles to shine through. Because weather is a powerful physical agent for change – the change of light, sound, and atmosphere, no one day or location is ever the same. This is why Stephen paints vigorously and liberally without hesitation creating layers of thick oil paint to create depth and drama. 
“I love to visit places at dawn and dusk to experience the passage of time and light within inclement weather – this where the drama is.”  

The layers he creates allows him to leave his emotions on the surface but also leaving the viewer to complete the painting with their own emotional interpretation. This visual conversation extends to the titles of his pieces that are both inspiring and poetic. “I’ve always had a strong connection to nature because it connects me to everything within me and around me, the stillness is often disrupted but the energy opens up opportunities that can be captured in real time, never to be repeated.”