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Stephen's paintings are inspired and motivated by his emotional response and memories of the Le Mans racing of the 1960s.


“My passion for racing cars started in the sixties as a child playing with my Matchbox toy cars. Today, I endeavour to capture the essence of a time when three simple colours made a significant impact on the world of motorsport.”  


Painted on canvas, board and aluminium sheet, these distinctive artworks form the Originals Series of works. Available as original artworks or photographic editions that are limited to the racing number illustrated within each piece.

Commissions are undertaken from clients worldwide to create bespoke artworks that adorn their walls for homes, offices, showrooms and private garages.

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Painted on canvas, board and aluminium sheet, these large artworks form the basis of the edition series.

 Available as original artworks, please enquire on availability.

 Commissions are taken if the original has been sold.

The Edition Series are limited to the number contained in each painting. Photo mounted under acrylic glass, the limited edition art prints are signed by Stephen and delivered with museum-quality mounting and framing.
When the racing number limited edition is reached, the print run is discontinued.

I work closely with clients around the world to create bespoke artworks that adorn their homes, showrooms, workspaces and private garages.

Each unique piece is made to fit the environment space with the racing number you desire. Contact me to explore more.