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Stephen Charlton

Stephen Charlton is a renowned painter and sculptor based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.


“Painting is a hugely satisfying way to express my thoughts and feelings towards nature that both stimulate and excite me. Whether it is the colour of an autumn landscape, the texture of a crashing sea or the noise of wind through branches; this all evokes a visual energy that I have to put down onto canvas.

With bold expressive strokes of my brush or palette knife, the oil paint stands proud of the canvas to add depth, drama and freedom.

Following an art school training and working as a designer for thirty years, the love of expressing myself through paint has always been my passion. Now I paint most days and eager to capture the light and the essence of my subjects which change on a constant basis. The need to be continually stimulated helps me break away from a predictable style, providing fresh challenges and new directions.

Painting onto paper, canvas and aluminium with oils and now with coffee, adds a quality that I find stimulating whilst providing my audience with something special."


This was inspired by my passion for racing cars that started in the sixties as a child playing with my Matchbox toys on the floor.

Today, I endeavour to capture the essence of a time when three
simple colours made a significant impact on the world of motorsport. 

I let my artworks speak for themselves as my words would only dilute the power of a truly great racing brand.

If you would like to know more about these works, call me on
+44 (0) 7940 916759 or email